Mar 17, 2023


Whether you're celebrating St. Patrick's day or March Madness, we want to get more $$$ in your pocket with our very first #BOOSTWEEKEND here at Infuse!

Here's how it works:

  1. Download Infuse and join a brand campaign

  2. Earn over $1000 between Friday 3.17 and Sunday 3.19

  3. We'll pay you a bonus of 10% on the earnings you make

It's Boost Weekend baby! Excited to help you #MakeMore!

The Promotion

A creator has to earn over $1000 during the "boost" period to qualify for a bonus. Creators will earn a 10% bonus on the earnings generated during the "boost" period.


  • All earnings made between Friday, March 17th and Sunday, March 19 will count toward the "boost" period. Applicable earnings include advertising-generated earnings and referral-generated earnings.

  • A creator's earnings during the promotion period will be accumulated and a bonus will be calculated and paid after the "boost" period.


  • Creators who have been approved and are actively earning on the Infuse platform are eligible for the contest.

  • Creators have to earn over $1000 during the "boost" period to qualify for a bonus

  • Media buyers are ineligible for the bonus.

  • Agents are ineligible for the bonus.

  • Earnings must be generated from organic posts.

  • Creators must follow FTC and platform guidelines in their content.

  • Creators who don't adhere to Infuse's creator standards, advertising standards and/or drive manufactured installs will not be eligible for the promotion. Creators manipulating traffic or installs may have their payments temporarily restricted, permanently restricted, and/or be banned from the Infuse platform.

  • Infuse reserves the right to refuse any contest awards or promotional bonuses to any creator, at any moment, for any reason.